Monday, December 27, 2010

Special thanks!

Thanks to the Fat Cyclist, his weight loss challenge motivated me this past month to cut out some of the crap and start putting some good stuff in me again. Total loss of 12 pounds since the start of his contest to this point.

No a month of eating better and drinking less soda isn't going to counter the years of beer drinking and pizza eating but its a start to a healthier life for myself and the little roommate who doesn't pay rent and always leaves her toys around.

Christmas time

Now that Christmas is over and I can get focused on something else I thought I should update this little guy.

The baby is getting huge fast, she's gone from backwards crawler to agile monkey seemingly overnight. I've found myself constantly on my toes as I try to keep up, this can't be a good sign for when she gets bigger. I can't believe how quick she can climb up some of her toys or the entertainment center.

The trainer sits nearly idle in the basement, I've practiced clipping in and out a bit but have no motivation to hop on the bike and spin for hours while staring at a wall. I've done some low speed non-intense stretching on it to loosen up some sore muscles but nothing major. Of course the upgrades haven't stopped even if my season is over, got a set of Crank Brothers cobalt bars and a new stem I have to install but after removing my old stem I realize now that I need another small headset spacer, might poach it from the project bike or order a new set.