Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Revenge of the _____

Did it all and then some with no mechanical break downs or other major issues. For the first time in two years I'm proud to say nothing exploded, spewed parts in the woods or forced me to walk miles to get back to the car, but... There were horses. I walked about a quarter mile behind a set of horses and their riders and made enough noise to let them know I was there.

Horses seem to do alot of damage to sandy hard packed soil. The bike tracks were packed down and clean looking while the hoof marks were a large disturbance on the side of the trail and in the hard pack.

Horses hate bikes, I didn't want to test this theory but I have a strong feeling a near silent bike is scary to anyone. I'm not a fan of scaring anything five times larger then me that wears a adult like a back pack. I didn't care for the fact that the riders didn't acknowlege the fact that there was a biker behind them deliberatly making noise and trying to get the attention of the riders. I just considered this a chance to get my heart rate down.

Crank brothers cobalt grips are a solid upgrade from the stock bike grips. My only complaint is they were nearly two months behind the release date I got from CB. Slim and easy to install and quite comfortable.

And a final note, nothing says "project bike" like getting the brakes setup and getting the project ready for a final tune up, like having the pedal fall off and take two turns worth of threads out of the crank arm. I should call this the never ending project bike.