Thursday, June 17, 2010

Slop and the 100% humidity

As mentioned in a prior post its rained in Green Bay once or twice this month. So after two days of no rain and 70-85 degree weather I went for a ride, heres a few things I found out on this ride.

1. Where the hell is the bridge? A short 3 footer is gone, not washed down stream but gone.

2. Where in the hell did that bridge come from? Theres a 8 footer in the middle of the creek just hanging out upside down, I can't even remember where a 8 footer crosses anything let alone wrap my head around how it showed up that far down stream.

3. Some rider did tried a new variation of cyclocross, called clipless sledding. I have a feeling it won't catch on, I can't be the only crazy one that doesn't want to slide down a washed out trail or mud and clay 40 feet through brush into the creek.

4. Something needs to be done with the easily washed out areas, I couldn't bring myself to attempt suicide today on the trails but it looks like some people have. I'm not a environmental kook in any way shape or form but theres some things that need a reroute soon to prevent a horrible accident. The accident being someone from the Parks and Recs department planning some hardcore pavement.

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