Sunday, August 8, 2010

Please don't kill me and the ride home.

Last night I rode the beast, the streak home from work. Roughly 5 miles down the busiest road in Green Bay where the speed limit is 35 and everyone goes 40-50. I took this ride at 12:30 after work and managed to ride in the road in my designated imaginary bike lane without getting killed. Of course there were a few chants of "please don't kill me" everytime I saw a car get behind me.

On the plus side, (almost wrote plus sized). I found a abandoned bike in the park. Before anyone questions the abandoned part I'll tell the story.

Near the Skate park lay a pretty lady she was silver and had some age to her. Sadly someone beat her and I planned to nurse her back to health. Someone broke her rear derailer off the hanger leaving only a screw and a nub. Some poor degenerate also trashed her wheels, trashed so much (or took home) that they didn't exist. Now this poor lady would have been ok until someone removed one of her front break pads. I suppose with no wheels why have brakes...

The best part is I found the seat and post impaled in the dirt 10 feet away.

So begins the birth of a project bike, I'm estimating a early 20xx Trek 820. Basically this is the bike I sold to fatty's brother.

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